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Forest Sprite Pack

A set of high definition modular forest sprites for your game. · By Tito Lívio


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Forest Sprite Pack v2.0 is out with support for the Ferr2D Terrain Tool!
Version 2.0 of the Forest Sprite Pack is out! It adds support for the #Ferr2D Terrain Tool, with 33 Ferr2D terrains ready to use! Plus 35 new preassembled terra...
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The Hazards n Obstacles update is out!
This new update adds: - Two playable Demo Scenes; - More than 70 sprites containing Hazards and Structures. - 25 Interactable Objects with scripts and ani...
The Mobile Backgrounds Update for the pack is released!
This new update contains a set of eight pre-made backgrounds that can be mixed and matched in different orders, each containing seven layers of background image...
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The Sweeping Vista Update for the Forest Sprite Pack
Avaiable here! The third update for the Forest Sprite Pack is out now, the Sweeping Vista update. The Sweeping Vista update pack adds: - Five 4K Spritesheets...
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Very nice, did you go to an Digital Art school for this?
started by PixieRoid Aug 03, 2018
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